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Things is a remarkable task manager I use since 8 years now. It is deeply integrated in the Apple environment, is a multiple Apple Design Awards winner and follows the GTD principles (with powerfull Today / Upcoming / Anytime / Someday intelligent lists) and advanced filters. It’s smooth, speedy and precisely crafted interface makes it hugely pleasant to use and a must have efficient application on Mac, iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

But it doesn’t evolve as quickly as competitors and as productivity usages. New versions take years to release (current version is V3.18 since 2008). Things approach, from the beginning, reserves it to a particularly efficient personal, but closed usage. And quality of design doesn’t compensate the lack of functions in a deeply evolving environment.

Here’s what I miss in Things :

  • Ability to publish or share projects, lists or tasks (the Wunderlist Public Lists way),
  • Official public API to integrate it in my workflows, the both ways,
  • A decent editor for notes content, with ability to switch on and off markdown syntax, embed visuals, images, videos, PDF previews and URLs smart previews (the Bear Notes or Obsidian way),
  • Ability to update tasks in Quick Entry window via URL scheme (with a quickentry=true parameter, for example), as an alternative to opening it in the app.

My 2 cents for The New-All-New Things V4. 😉

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